A new life for our Nabaztag: tag

Mindscape has released some of the sources of Nabaztag:tag, and closed the official servers in late July 2011. Now, our rabbits are alive with solutions developed by volunteer programmers.

The server is open to the public, and allow all rabbits to find a burrow.


  • Ztamp plugins do not work as such. Must be configured in the plugins Ztamp rabbit.
  • If your rabbit goes to sleep right away alfter the connection, set the hours of sleep before midnight.
  • OJN only sends a value between 0 and 255 in the rabbit. This value corresponds to a frequency for the rabbit. After it's more or less frequent random from him.


Nabaztag (v1)

Not this model, I have not sought information on it. If you have, you can contact me to add them to this wiki.

Nabaztag: tag (v2)


Off topic


The latest addition to the range named Karotz, is much more advanced than our Nabaztag:tag. However, it is still dependent on a server at Mindscape. I wish as much as this model is as free as were the Nabaztag:tag with openJabNab. I just bought a Karotz, and I intend to try to see what we can do to give him his freedom.



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